We specialize in Color Correction Services to movie studios, advertising agencies and music video producers. Our Equipment or Yours, Our Location or Yours. We can supplement your team or use ours!


Color Corrected Dailies – RED, Alexa, CS300, Phantom, DSLR etc… Color corrected dailies to any codec, with SMPTE time Code and all the important metadata preserved from the original camera files. Done fast, with all your footage looking brilliant for your clients to view and edit.
Color Correction – Full color correction done in a real DI color suite. Scene to scene color correction, either supervised or unsupervised with FTP postings for color approval.
Colorist Labor Only – At your facility and your equipment. By the day or by the week.
Post Production Supervisor – Any size project. By the day or by the week.
Facility Consulting – Facility and room design, and work flow consulting.
DaVinci Resolve Training – At your facility or mine.
Film Scanning can also be provided.
Of course all services can be tailored to your exact needs. No project is too big or too small. If you need more than just color correction, I can put a team together to take care of all your post production needs.

digital film colorist


digital colorist

Scanity 4K digital film colorist