We specialize in Color Correction Services to movie studios, advertising agencies and music video producers. Our Equipment or Yours, Our Location or Yours. We can supplement your team or use ours!

About Us

I started ROVAK COLORIST SERVICES with just one goal in mind: to provide superior creativity, quality and service for color correction, at reasonable prices for commercials, feature films, music videos, documentaries, and episodic. Servicing advertising agencies, production companies, editorial companies, independent and studio feature companies.

Locations in Chicago and available to any global destinations quickly.

I have access to almost any technology and equipment used by top studios today. I can always work in your preferred format, on your preferred equipment, and can furnish digital files to anywhere in the world.

We Offer

I specialize in color correction or color grading only. No one is an expert in everything. You wouldn’t go to your barber to get your car tuned up, would you? Or your butcher to get a special cake baked? No, you have people you trust to do the job right. Color correction should be one of these specialties, and I am an expert at color correction. With over 20 years experience doing color from every imaginable source, 35mm negative to DSLR footage, on every different color system out there, I am the solution to all your image enhancement needs. I also make it easy to work with me. Using file based color grading tools I can work with any type of project, from every type of platform, Final Cut Pro, Avid Media Composer, Adobe Premiere, Smoke, Flame, iQ etc… Using and delivering any type codec for every type of editing, VFX, and graphics system being used today.