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Rovak Colorist Services specializes in Color Correction Services to movie studios, advertising agencies and music video producers. Our Equipment or Yours, Our Location or Yours. We can supplement your team or use ours!

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Many people think a Colorist is there just to fix things. While a colorist does in fact fix many problems, a professionally trained colorist will enhance you project, set the tone for your story telling and ensure a consistent look that will meet the filmmakers idea for his story.

A good Colorist will make your film or TV show better. By communicating with the director or producer in charge of post production to find out what they are trying to say in their film or show and what feeling they are trying to project. This information guides many of the decisions a Colorist makes, whether related to a particular scene or the entire look.

We will enhance how the film was shot, taking into account the medium it was shot on (film or HD video), background lighting (correcting for cloudy days, etc) exposures and more. We can actually save project money by reducing retakes and reschedules due to factors outside your control such as overcast days, over or under exposure, unwanted shadows and more. We can enhance colors, add or change colors, provide color consistency, and literally change night to day or day to night.

Your project will look better with the story enhanced when we complete our work.

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